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Visual Studio 2008 Loadfest / Halo Fragfest / Guitar Hero Rockfest!

For those of you in Atlanta or the surrounding area, we (the Atlanta Microsoft Professionals, Atlanta .NET User Group and Microsoft (aka Doug Turnure)) will be hosting a Visual Studio 2008 Loadfest, followed by a Halo Fragfest / Guitar Hero Rockfest in
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Technical Interview Tips

Keith Rome, an ├╝ber smart friend of mine and fellow MVP, recently posted some interview tips on how to increase the odds of landing that next dream job.  Remember, it's the little things that help! http://www.mindfusioncorp.com/weblog/2007/10/23/10+Interview+Tips+That+Will+Help+You+Land+A+Better+Job.asp

I'm an MVP now!

I am very happy and humbled to say that Microsoft has chosen to award me an MVP for Windows Server - Windows SharePoint Services.  I'll take this chance to thank some of the people who have helped me over the years, including Stacy Draper, Matt Ranlett,
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Wandering In Seattle

I came to Seattle last week to visit the home office of my new employer.  I have attended a presentation on the MSFT campus and have had a great time meeting lots of new people.  I have been meeting a couple of clients and as it turns out my
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So, where has Dan been?

As if anyone noticed :). I have been quite busy the last month or so, hence the lack of posts.  To make a long story short, I have switched employers.  After one and a half years at Intellinet I have chosen to move one and now call Slalom Consulting
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The Tragically Hip - Atlanta - March 13th, 2007

Tonight Jody and I went out for a very rare and hard to come by date night.  The occasion you may ask was to see The Tragically Hip concert at the Roxy theatre.  We are both HUGE Hip fans and go see them each and every time they come to Atlanta,
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Can you break 500 boards in 5 minutes?

Three weeks ago, I posted about the fact that it has been ten years since I quit smoking.  I explained that I had a made a 250 dollar bet with an old friend as incentive.  This is that friend.  It's 10 minutes long but worth every
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Meat on a Stick? - Yum!

My family and I were out wandering around on Saturday looking for a place to eat lunch.  We were driving down Mansell Road in Alpharetta and Jody said "How about some meat on a stick?"  I said, "Meat on a stick?"  That sounded way too good. 
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10 Year Anniversary

Just a small note that today, November 28th, 2006, is my 10 year anniversary as a non-smoker.  Hard to believe that 10 short years ago, I made a 250 dollar bet with a pal in my home town (Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada) to quit smoking and have never
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